About JKG

As an independent production company, we are active in several markets, working for a large number of various customers. We specialize in custom made products (in small to very large quantities) as well as a range of standard products.

Vehicle license plates and accessories:

  • Blank plates in all sizes, colors and safety features
  • 3rd plate solutions, windscreen with RFID
  • Hot-print machines and presses
  • Hologram machines, in-line and stand alone
  • Clapper dies and embossing frames
  • Custom built manufacturing lines for blank license plates
  • Automatic embossing systems
  • End to end solutions in high security plates

Traffic and commercial signs

  • Standard aluminum traffic signs
  • Non-standard signs, folding signs
  • Poles, clamps, large columns
  • Embossed text plates in many colors and sizes

Vehicle markings

  • TIR, ADR-plates, also folding
  • Agricultural vehicle signs
  • Exceptional transport markings

Plastic injection moulding

  • Many types of plate holders
  • Clamps, displays, hooks, caps etc.
  • Small technical products on customers specification
  • Own mould making department, quick response
  • Our products are only sold to distributors in several branches. We do not sell to, or contact end users.
  • With our strong team of about 50 employees we are able to respond quickly and flexible to the requests of our customers.
  • A long company history (JKG was founded in 1843) means that a wealth of experience is available today. Our aim is to build a long term relation with our customers.

Watch the film about our self-developed car license plate production line here!

JKG Knieriem B.V.

A. Fokkerstraat 20
NL - 4462 ET Goes
T: +31 113 25 05 00
F: +31 113 231 762
E: info@jkg.eu
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By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands
Fournisseur de la Cour par ordonnance Royale
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