Clapper-dies with frame for embossing

We design and produce clapper dies according to any specification in the world, in any quantity desired. Our glass reinforced products are robust, yet very practical and efficient. Our clapper dies serve all our customers and will ensure a first class quality license plate for years on end.


  • Easy change of numbers
  • Injection moulded from high-strenght glass fiber filled material
  • Spring loaded for quick insertion of blank plates
  • Ultra-strong material, will emboss steel blanks

Technical specification

Type: C-01
Frame: Turbonite
Frame dimension: 550 x 170 x 20 mm (depending on type of die)
Embossing die: 1,5 mm positive embossing type
Dimensions: 135 x 40(variable) x 25 mm
Lifetime: at least 25.000 cycles at normal pressure
Material: PA-6 glass filled
Complete set of dies: all characters, in total 147 dies, including rack

Watch the film about our self-developed car license plate production line here!

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