Clapper-dies with frame for embossing

We design and produce clapper dies according to any specification in the world, in any quantity desired.

Automatic Embossing System

Automatic embossing machines with a rare combination of innovation, speed and versatility. This high tech product offers customers a very welcome tool to facilitate the production of final car license plates in large quantities in the least of time.

JKG 3rd plate and RFID solutions

The 3rd license plate, or windscreen tag, is a small “card” like adhesive tag, which is placed at the inside of the vehicle windscreen.

Cutting / embossing tools and forms

Cutting and embossing of blanks in one operation.

Hologram printer

To print a security hologram on the registration plate we have designed a new hologram printer. It is possible to use this printer in stand-alone or in-line.

Compact Hydraulic Licence plate press

Compact hydraulic licence plate press. Easy to use, insert embossing frame, automatic start.

Hot-print machine for license plates

Hot print machines, available for applying the finishing touch to the final car license plate, by transferring a lasting ink onto the characters and borders, in a matter of seconds. More versatile than its competitors, our various designs will cope with any quality (reflective) film and plate dimension at various settings, if required.

Servo press

The finished blank is formed in the servo hydraulic press. Different tools can be mounted in this unit. The blanks are ejected on the side of the press, the customer can choose which side. An operator takes the ejected plates and puts them on a conveyor, or a or a stacker can be fitted.

Production line for High Security Registration Plates (HSRP line)

Production lines for High Security Registration Plates (HSRP line). Keywords: Quality, Functional, Custom built, Affordable, Low maintenance

Smart Press

The need for increased security and advanced control by the authorities on number plates has not gone unnoticed at JKG. This is why our team of engineers has developed a technically very advanced "Smart Press", which ensures the highest possible security and control possible. Unauthorised access and use of the "Smart Press" is impossible through […]

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