Servo press

The finished blank is formed in the servo hydraulic press. Different tools can be mounted in this unit. The blanks are ejected on the side of the press, the customer can choose which side. An operator takes the ejected plates and puts them on a conveyor, or a or a stacker can be fitted.

  • Electrically driven servo-hydraulic press.
  • Newest technology with great flexibility and control.
  • Will interface to other (existing) machinery and laminating lines


Cycle time: adjustable, min. 60 cycles/min.
Force: max. 500 kN
Loading height: 900 mm
Open daylight: 400 mm (270 – 410)
Tool area: 700 x 400 mm (800 x 500)
Width: 1150 mm
Apr. weight: 2100 kg
Height: 2300 mm
Depth: 850 mm
Power: 5 kW
Max. stroke: 140 mm

The press is driven by a servo-hydraulic system, which gives control over all important parameters (independently).

Fully controlled are:
- Speed
- Pressure
- Position
- Torque profile
- Slowdown stroke

A separate hydraulic aggregate in no longer necessary, saving a lot of power.

Watch the film about our self-developed car license plate production line here!

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